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NPG 394 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonSearch by sitter or artist surname within over 195,000 portraits.


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NPG 5868 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonView portraits by period, room, theme or glossary of art terms, and people associated with places or grouped together in family trees.

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NPG 1 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonThe Primary Collection of paintings and sculptures; the Photographs and prints Reference Collections, and conservation of the collection.

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NPG 1336 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonThe Gallery is making detailed information available online for all portraits in the Collection, including a catalogue of Later Victorian Portraits.
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Portrait Explorer

Portrait Explorer touchscreenExplore the Collection during a visit using the unique Portrait Explorer touchscreen service in the Digital Space.
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NPG 1597 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonTag the Gallery’s 3,000 painted portraits on the BBC Your Paintings website using this fun and educational online tool.

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