Artist Interview – Remi Rough

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Artist Interview – Remi Rough

Megaro Hotel Mural

Agents of Change Mural at the Megaro Hotel

By: Indie

Earlier this month we had a chance to speak with Remi Rough.

Remi is a South London born and bred artist that has been breaking boundaries with the aid of a spray can and a paintbrush for over 27 years. Remi started as a teenager in South London painting graffiti and studying graphic design and art at school.

“At school they asked what I wanted to do and I wanted to be a painter but I was interested in graphic design which was probably really detrimental to me at the time as I wanted to throw paint around. Now I use it for my own means. I do my own flyers and books”

“It is easier to get into graffiti now, the internet has made it easier. When I started there was nothing to look…

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