Traditional Shoes: The perfect Brogue! Her Highland heart’s attire!

Desight for kudos

Brogues say everything about a person… a classicist… a modernist: both, all and more

Nick Garrett

Traditional Shoes: The perfect Brogue! Her Highland heart’s attire!

Brogue Trader

The traditional Brogue is a heavy Gaelic classical shoe (a lighter version was also know as the ‘Ghillie’ or Ghillie Brogue).

It is a crafted shoe that is made from strong, untanned leather with decorative punched holes, mostly worn in Scotland and Ireland though now a much prized, newly discovered fashion icon.

Chuck Berry Brogues

Chuck Berry waggin’ his brogues!

But it was in the seventies that the Skinheads adopted this traditional shoe along with the Loafer and Smooth as part of their take on fashion and ironic noble English dress.

The scoop is, the best priced English made Traditional Shoes in London can be found at:

‘Mens Traditional Shoes’ 171 Camberwell Rd, London SE5  +44 2077034179

“Ghillie” brogues were originally designed for, funnily enough, Ghillies & gamekeepers as footwear…

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