True Blue.. Balsamic Vinegar FWT

The colour Balsamico

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Balsamico Tradizionale: True Balsamic Vinegar FWT

August 30, 2012

Battery of Barrels used to age balsamic

There are many forms of balsamic vinegar on supermarket shelves these days. The most industrial forms can be made anywhere with a variety of ingredients that may or may not contain concentrated grape must, wine vinegar, sugar and caramel coloring. For this reason, it is often difficult to grasp the differences between a $10 bottle of balsamic vinegar and a $40 bottle of balsamic or even a $150 bottle.

The easiest way to understand the nuances of different balsamic vinegars is by taking a look at Balsamico Tradizionale from two small provinces in Italy: Modena and Reggio-Emilia. This, the highest quality balsamic, representing the purest form of the condiment, is produced only in these two provinces. Each province has a certification body, which certifies and grades the traditional balsamics into different levels of quality.

The certified levels of balsamic vinegar are extra-vecchio 

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