Traditional signwriter gilder Nick Garrett London – Oil Gilding secrets

Oil Gilding – secrets and problem solving insights

There are a few important tips you need to know in order to achieve great results in various conditions.

Gilding, Murals and Architectural works: I found this useful article below and edited it adding some extra detail, tips and trix.  Coming from a long family history of gilding going back 3 generations I am a task master of these skills – I love gilding and it’s great fun! Once you work with gold, life is simply gleaming 🙂

Doric pillar in Mansion House ... freshly gilded !!

Good gilding is all about being organised, relaxed and methodological – gold picks up on static and stress so my Tai Chi skills really pay off!  

ARTICLE: Gilding Secrets, Nick Garrett 

   Click image for ‘gilding skills’ Gallery

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