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Looking for a signwriter who can deliver highest quality service and design?

At NGS, we’ve founded our business on those particular values. That’s why, when you come to us for your signage, design and promotional requirements, you can be sure we’ll help you get exactly what you want: the best quality, service and price in London.

  Painted glass and fascia – NGS

Why come to us when you need a signwriter?

Watch your business grow.

Real signwriting connects with the reader… it’s human and registers better than digitally produced lettering because of its warmth and message.  It communicates.

Stay ahead of the competition and grow your business with our beautifully produced signs. NGS will create a corporate identity that will set you apart from the rest, and ensure you stay at the forefront of your marketplace.

Save time & money… the top and bottom line

Whenever I commission for a project, I weight up price against other important factors… reliability, how easy is it to get this done? What will the extra buy me? etc.  Not everyone works like that… and I know for some it’s purely price driven.  No problem, we compete at the bottom line too and will price it right in the heart of your comfort zone, with options.

We’ll help you tick all the boxes.

Our reputable signwriting service means you don’t need to run around between different suppliers chasing endless quotes because we’ll do it for your budget, and you’ll directly benefit from our 3 decades of experience which will factor in easy project flow, best materials handling, keen prices, all saving you time, stress and money.

Have confidence in a great service

We make it very easy to create your sign concept. We’ll always go the extra mile for you in time and effort, because it pays for us to give you that something extra and build long term confidence and client trust. Because of our values and experience, you can be confident you’ll always get the highest quality service from us.

Nick Garrett, NGS


A bit about Signwriting

The method of producing signs for the sign writer has changed over the years. The traditional sign writer services still exist and are very popular for business, which require that authentic look. Computers have certainly increased the range of services that an experienced sign writer is now able to offer. It is fair to say that modern day computing has made the overall process easier and more efficient for the professional sign writer.

There is a clear divide between the traditional sign maker who produces hand painted signs, those who make signs digitally using computers and those who offer both.

The old, the new and the combined

The traditional sign writer is highly talented and experienced but has not embraced the digital age. Historically, drew or painted signs by hand using enamel paint. The digital sign writer, solely creates computer sign designs, but does not offer traditional sign writing services.

By combining both the traditional sign writer and the modern computer sign designer, is the most talented, experienced and versatile type of sign writer. One who has created traditional signs, for many years and also creates digital signs, means he can produce any type of sign. When he visits a prospective client he can provide the right type of sign to their business needs and not the other way around. This is the type of sign writer, which you need on your side, if you are looking at branding your business.

The traditional and digital sign business has changed with the times but stayed true to his roots. This shows versatility and has a range of skills and techniques to employ. . If you require a hand painted sign he can produce hand lettered signs and if you need a vinyl sign, he has computer aided techniques at his disposal. A comprehensive portfolio and lots of happy customers, is another way of judging your businesses sign writer. So next time you need a sign maker, choose a master sign creator and select from various types of signs.

The modern sign writer

A business without a sign is a sign of no business. A sign writer designs, manufactures and installs signs, including advertising signs for shops, businesses and public facilities as well as signs for transport systems.

Most modern sign writers design signs with the assistance of computer-aided design (CAD), computer manufacturing techniques. The majority of signs are now created with large format printers. Printers can either use solvent inks, curable inks, water based inks or latex inks. Ultra violet inks, have the special ability to be printed directly onto many different surfaces, such as wood, metal and plastic.

A little history

When literacy levels in the 18the century rose, sign writing began to appear on signboards alongside pictorial images. There was a very long transitional period, before the sign writer, replaced the sign painter and the written sign succeeded the pictorial sign.

So although sign writing only appeared on signs, sometime during the 18th century, we can appreciate that the art of hand painted lettering, is an ancient one.

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