Born in the USA… Detroit turning it around? Desight today

‘Imported From Detroit’ Drives A Trend For ‘Made In The USA’

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Article posted by Fiona Jenvey CEO, Mudpie

According to JWTs There is a resurgence in the value of ‘Made in America’ Indeed the US car maker Chrysler is leading the way with its ‘Imported from Detroit’ Campaign. We at Mudpie are becoming increasingly interested in a resurgent USA, here is what the consumer intelligence and global marketing company JWT have to say…

Brands are responding to unsettled consumer sentiment by playing up tried-and-true American values and the country’s enduring pioneer spirit. Consider the Levi’s campaign centered on the struggling town of Braddock, Pa., and the Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee work, both of which exuded optimism and empowerment during a difficult time. Chrysler is sticking with that theme in four new spots—for the ChryslerDodgeJeep and Ram models—that build off the “Imported from Detroit” campaign launched during the 2011 Super Bowl and the epic “It’s Halftime in America” Clint Eastwood spot that followed in this year’s Super Bowl.

The latest spots continue with the theme of battling adversity, showing everyday Americans overcoming the odds and forging a new way despite persistently difficult economic conditions—all from the seat of a car in the Chrysler family. In particular, the Ram spot has a quiet simplicity and understated resonance. The VO is a wife leaving a supportive message for her husband, who has been hard at work to keep their little family afloat, yet she could be speaking to all of America, inspiring everyone who’s struggling. The end line, “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch,” reinforces this message, but for the nation rather than the individual.

The times still seem to warrant a “Fight against adversity” strategy. Recovery is said to be on the horizon, and a message infused with American values could be just the thing to help get consumers there.

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