Signs – handwritten

Project start-up

to be written in 2 colours



Runner needed for creative projects in London

We are looking for a sign writer or creative who has ability to help trace up for large sign project in Kent UK – working indoors startup next week Wk 4 Oct – find me a creative please!!  With car pref.

Contact Nick here

Signs and sign-writing

My first sign was for an antique shop in Herne Hill and when my grandfather saw it, (he was a master mason and letter cutter) he was quite happy with my Roman lettering pointing out a couple of errors that I put right – that was in 1975.  

After leaving art college in 1980 I immediately set up a sign-writing studio, first in Streatham then Battersea.

I was very lucky meeting Ron Bennett, head architect at Watneys who tasked me with my first gilding job – The Windsor Arms.  Cooper a really tacky type of 70’s font which I had gilded in my bedroom the next morning and back to him in the afternoon. We worked together for 4 years.


More   Sir Alexander Flemming – my second major sign commission to Watneys in 1981

From there I went on to work with Will Allbrook at Oldham signs and by 1986 had wandered into the world of interiors mastering faux finishes on the way.

Below are some of the sites I remember working on over those and intervening years (if you have a project coming up feel free to email me at


The Pheonix and Firkin – the original sign we made in 1983 was up for restoration by 2001, but it was just too gone around the edges and this one was intended only as temporary but it looked kinda cool and we all agreed it should stay.


Nina wanted a nice Roman so she got it with my selection of  Berling… still looking good.


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