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Grass Cabinet Hinges

Grass 864 Series Concealed Cabinet Hinge

German-based cabinet hinge maker Grass is one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of quality products for home hardware. Grass cabinet hinges are renowned for their quiet, gentle closing capabilities and minimal installation requirements. The design of Grass cabinet hinges is such that a drawer is actually pulled to its end position by the hinge itself, not pushed by human hands.

Installing top-quality Grass cabinet hinges means not having to re-install new cabinet hinges every few years. These are products built to last. Too often we try to cut corners with home improvements, and too often the result is the same: buy cheap, buy twice. Grass cabinet hinges come in a variety of sizes, shapes and models that are sure to fit every need.

At eDirectHardware we are proud to carry Grass cabinet hinges and other fine products in our online shop. Purchasing with us is always secure, and deliveries are always guaranteed to arrive in a timely manner. Making sure you get the right product is our top priority, too, so please contact us at with any questions about Grass cabinet hinges or other products.

Our homes are the most important investments we’ll ever make. But more than that, they are where we spend most of our time. It is important that even the smallest details be the best, most reliable, and most convenient they can be. Installing Grass cabinet hinges may seem like a small thing, but in the end it’s part of a much bigger picture of quality and excellence.

Becker-Beschlaege Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Collections

View all of the products from Becker-Beschlaege on the Hardware Hut.Select one of the 8 different cabinet knobs and pulls collections from Becker-Beschlaege to view the quality bail pull, pull and backplate, cup/bin pull, pull and other product types in that group. Styles include traditional, southwestern, modern/contemporary and more.

Becker Beschlaege is a premier German cabinet and decorative hardware manufacturer offering many collections of functional and stylish knobs, pulls, cup/bin pulls and backplates.

The Becker-Beschlaege Arches collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Arches

The Becker-Beschlaege Curves collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Curves

The Becker-Beschlaege Essentials collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Essentials

The Becker-Beschlaege Euro Traditions collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Euro Traditions

The Becker-Beschlaege Route 66 collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Route 66

The Becker-Beschlaege Stainless Steel collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Stainless Steel

The Becker-Beschlaege Traveling Cases collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Traveling Cases

The Becker-Beschlaege Variety Show collection.
Becker-Beschlaege Variety Show

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