Food Piacenza (via Gusto Italia Food }{ Wine Tours)

Great holiday ideas for the new year..

Food Piacenza Image via Wikipedia Our Apennines: Our Bassa The Apennines stretch across Northern Italy with dozens of valleys and inlets that offer an intriguing and stunning holiday experiences. The Tours: 4 page Catalogue Fall 2010Download Gusto Italia Tours Xmas Voucher 2010   Bologna, Modena, Parma and Piacenza are the main cities that lie at the foot of the Apennines. … Read More

NEW Classic City Food n Wine Tastings with FWT at the Pallazo, Parma

Why not round off the perfect food tour with a fabulous cellar tasting at the Palazzo?

We are constantly asked for wine tasting destinations around Parma and now we proudly launch our Wine tasting in the city – Parma’s Piazza Duomo’s 12th century private tasting cellars now open to Food n Walk tours… here you are invited to savour DOP Culatello, Rose Secca, Prosciutto di Parma, Cuvee and Balsamico Tradizionale – tastes to last a lifetime or more… So that’s the best City destination by far.





For a exclusive food and wine tasting in the Palazzo contact Nick or Vittorio or simply fill out a contact form here

via Gusto Italia Food }{ Wine Tours

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