Traditional signwriter gilder Nick Garrett London – Oil Gilding secrets

Oil Gilding – secrets and problem solving insights

There are a few important tips you need to know in order to achieve great results in various conditions.

Gilding, Murals and Architectural works: I found this useful article below and edited it adding some extra detail, tips and trix.  Coming from a long family history of gilding going back 3 generations I am a task master of these skills – I love gilding and it’s great fun! Once you work with gold, life is simply gleaming 🙂

Doric pillar in Mansion House ... freshly gilded !!

Good gilding is all about being organised, relaxed and methodological – gold picks up on static and stress so my Tai Chi skills really pay off!  

ARTICLE: Gilding Secrets, Nick Garrett 

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Traditional London Signwriter Nick Garrett: Gallery Ted Baker – NGSigns

See – New sign panels for new Knightsbridge shop – Opening June 2012.

Quickview of recent mural design project for Ted Baker.

Case History of new Ted baker store interior… hand painted signage NGS

Nick Garrett Margate & London Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding

For Ted Baker – London Signwriter Nick G, NGS

Chalkboard Ted Baker - Nick Garrett traditional signs

NGS completed 11 in-store traditionally hand painted sign panels for Ted Baker’s flagship store in Bluewater Kent. The brief was to bring a rich hand painted feeling to the logos of several themed interior settings, using layouts produced by the in-house design team.
The nostalgia ”Tedbury” concept included various village shop sets with quaint English vintage signwriting – a tea shop, a butcher shop and a pharmacy staging… These interior wall and ceiling sets were literally designed as room spaces then ‘de-constructed’ or dissected, with walls displaced creating a broken visual constant: a shifting continual context around the store… heaps of mirrors assisted the whole shabaz, The mix of Goth typography and Victorian ornamentation made the writing fun and after we went over with a distress rub down and glaze, the panels really looked the part.
We are constantly…

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