Understanding editions: Remi Rough

Remi Rough

Desight for kudos

Remi Rough work stands apart from many new era artsists as it transits between truly massive global murals and small bench editions with mesmerising ease.

How does he stand today in the global artscene?

A huge interest is amassing around this prolific artist and according to a great swathe of following it is not solely a matter of if but of just how big.

As an investment piece the writing is on the wall… go hard!!

But surpassing that is where owning a Rough art work lies: a Remi Rough on your wall is an investment in your personal space, family and passion for great art.

From my own experience the effect is like opening the interior onto an amazing energizing colour field, such is the architectural geist of his mark-making.

Remi Rough in Africa

Photo: Overpowered By Jazz - 2014

So tomorrow night my inaugural exhibition at the new SozeGallery WestHollywood space opens.

I hope to see all my LA friends there…
Beats are being supplied by the legendary Augustine Kofie so see ya there... x

Soze Gallery
935 N. Fairfax Ave
West Hollywood
CA. 90046
Tel: 323.366.2734

#furtheradventuresinabstractionAt artist's workshop- Remi Rough preparing his artworks for the exhibition at soze gallery in los angeles.Neon Neon artwork on wood by Remi Rough will be exhibited at soze gallery in Los AngelesOverrate- art in progress, graffiti on which Remi Rough is working for his 'Further Adventures in Abstraction' exhibition

“Remi Rough has been making images for more than a quarter of a century. His art began on walls…

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