The Unexpected Renaissance of Hand-Painted Signs

A true sign of the times..

Nick Garrett Margate & London Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding

Found this nice article which get it covered – real signs shape our street experience and work on many levels… continuing tradition is a modern thing

lbutterworthStory by Lisa Butterworth  Published on Nov 13, 2012 in Read  Photo by Heath Harris



It’s true to say traditions are the hallmark of cultures and nations none more so than the artistry of the sign painter that was so part of the lives of our forefathers and earlier generations not so long ago.  Working with traditional makers and artisans brings one in direct contact with the stuff and aromas of craftsmanship: practices, systems and efficiency.  These skillsets and tools deliver repeatable quality so when one encounters traditional artists or makers one sees not only quality but often a surprising amount of quantity too.

Tradition harvests both – it is a flawed modern notion to believe you can only have one or t’other.

The streets…

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