Brogue trader!

Brogue trader!! A shoe fit for sundry..

Take 2!

It’s a snug fit, a nice parallel but this classic shoe is much like traditional signwriting – it transcends time… looks great in Shoreditch  or Kensington alike!

Article: Couture Talk Magazine

Fashion of the 60s and 70s are always splashing in and out of the high fashion trend circuit in weird ways. Brogue Shoes are one of those things that are coming back with a bang just in time for this fall. This is one of those trends that I personally am obsessed with and am extremely happy to see come back. They come in boots, heels, but are most classic in heels. Celebrities, designers, and street fashionistas alike have been embracing the classy trend.

Originally designed as in Scotland and Ireland brogues were designed as a pair of casual men’s work shoes. The Shoes are designed to function as a source of comfort for long work hours. The small tongue, perforated front, and small discharge holes on the top and outsides of the toe were designed to fill up with rain, further adding comfort to the shoe. Oxfords and Brogues are very smiliar and were created around the same time. Some people confuse the two or think they are interchangeable. Oxfords in the American term mean any shoe that has open lacing with wingtips, while brogues  generally refers to the rounded shape of the toe along with the holes. It can also refer to the small square heel. There can be oxfords who are brogues and have wingtips. These shoes bellow are actually Oxfords

While all of these are full half and half brogues, even the flat wedges on the end.

I love Brogues and Oxfords because they make everyone look school girl chic. It also adds can add a classy menswear look to any outfit. Menswear isn’t only for boys now! Trousers, shoulder padded blazers, menshirts, and brogues: sounds lovely to me. One day we’ll all be as lovely as Katharine Hepburn. Or at least try!

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