Amazing Autumn 3 Kings tour day starts with ‘The King of Cheese’

Food Tours in Parma 2018

”you said it was a Paradise tour… I wanted to hold you to that statement!.. and it is… everything … more’

Kinny – USA client, her parting shot with a huge hug: we all had an amazing day

”Nick you’re a champ… this was the highspot of our European tour… absolutely frigin amazing!!”

Everett, NYC USA

  –  your 3 Kings tour day starts with

‘The King of Cheeses’

Our much revered Parmigiano Reggiano Tour


Your FWT day starts with an incredible visit to one of the most revered makers of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  

Here we enter another world…


You will be amazed when you enter the cooking room to watch behind the scenes, the master and his family, cookingseparating the rich whey and lifting this magnificent DOP product.

As we begin to realise the huge amount of care and daily toil this…

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