HEALTHY TOURS: Cheese 2 go on a low-lactose diet, Delicious 'n Italy

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Cheese on a low-lactose diet- 2009
by Anita MacDonald and Pat Portnoi. This article first appeared inNetwork Health Dietitians in April 2009.

There are hundreds of types of cheese produced throughout the world. Some mature hard cheeses are known to be low in lactose but there is a scarcity of analysis data, and any existing information is inconsistent and variable. Inclusion of cheese in a low lactose diet is difficult without quantitative information about its lactose content. It would be useful to be able to include mature hard cheese in a low lactose diet: it is versatile, will add variety, increase palatability and enhance the nutritional quality of the diet.

In galactosaemia, a rare, inherited metabolic disorder, patients have to follow a life long lactose-free diet. Traditionally, mature hard cheese was always excluded in the diet until a UK medical advisory panel (a group of dietitians, clinicians…

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