HR career killer roles!! More Design fodder roles vai Linkedin

Below is a recent transcript from a Linkedin group and yes it’s a fodder role.  See the postings…

URGENT POSITION: Senior Designer (Surface Pattern Design) Up To £30,000 – UK, Midlands

My client are currently undergoing expansion and are looking to add a talented Surface Pattern Designer to their team. This role will progress into management so is a great move for a designer looking to take the next step in their career. For the full specification and to hear more about this exciting opportunity please send your CV to

6 days ago

Gloria Urech likes this


Gloria Urech • Hello Josh,

My name is Gloria Urech and I am a Surface Designer and artist based in UK with an extensive experience in various fields.

Please, have a look to my portfolio: 
and don´t hesitate in contact to me if you need further info.

Best wishes, 

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Iara Lindback • Hello Josh, 
Please, have a look to some of my designs at:
Best regards 

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Véronique Pettit Laforet • Hello Josh I have many patterns I did You can see some of them are in my website or in my Facebook page If you wnt to see more just let me know.
I will be very happy to receive your feedback 
The next production I am preparing concern Pareos and bags for the beach. 
Best regards 

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Carol Gonzales • I would like to hear some sort of response from the originator of this post please. Why does this happen, people list and list their info, but they don’t bother to make even a single comment for everyone to read, much less a personal answer to the personal request…

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Nick G

ck G
 • think it’s a ghost job

23 hours ago
Nick G

Nick G • It does seem odd – Josh if you are lifting designs you a thread away from being flagged … Carol, here’s my recent article about this kind of thing,,

23 hours ago1
Nick G

Nick G • There’s also a similar role at Next which has all the hallmarks of a trend ghost post… it’s gone off air after 3 weeks… with Quest… beware

23 hours ago

Nick G

Nick G • Gloria and others… had a look at yr sites and generally you have too much on open view.,, my advice is to show 2-3 items then make the rest available to password private viewers who must log onto yr site for permission.

23 hours ago1

Stephanie Schenck • could you please check my works on my website maybe it could be interesting for you. I’m based in Italy and I’m working as a freelance designer for surface and pattern.

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Carol Gonzales • Thanks Nick for the post, it was really informative.

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Josh Goddard • Apologies all, I use linkedin directly to my work email therefore do not have access over the weekend. This role has been put on hold. 
Nick if you read the post it does say ‘For the full specification and to hear more about this exciting opportunity please send your CV to’ I have had many applications from people who have sent their CV, I replied with the job spec and told every applicant; I will keep their CV on file if the position opens again. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Nick G

Nick G • This role has been put on hold… because it was never formed as a going role Josh… this is the case because I’ve been in the business for 31 years and can spot a trend feel-out a mile off.

4 hours ago

Josh Goddard • Nick, this is not the case, I do not work in the surface pattern design industry, view my profile I am an IT Recruiter, eCommerce and Software / Web Development are the areas I work, my client asked for my help with this position, having lots of surface pattern design CVs on my database isn’t going to benefit me, unless this particular position reopens. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused as I have already said the role has been put on hold. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 

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Nick G

Nick G • Thanks Josh but it is remarkable how many of these types of roles are advertised interviewed for and never really become a reality. I have years of experience going on first second and third interviews only to be told the position is now on hold. 

For the filling of most real roles the recruiting company knows who they are after. M&P just lost a young furniture designer to Shop Direct in Feb yet Shop Direct interviewed 70 professionals from freelancers to hobbyists… they did this to trawl the field. They knew there were 2-3 people they wanted from the retail sector… 

The HR pros play designers and I for one am happy to inject some argument about this whole design fodder practice. 

And we wonder why most BChip UK retailers are down 10% on sales…perhaps a lack of new blood? HR seek to maintain their roster and prefer to feed and regurgitate industry pros… they seldom get behind a talented pro and inject new designers into the field… at the behest of retail and design professionals ( and talented, valuable creatives searching for a break).


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