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Food Tours in Parma 2018

 The Classic Parma food tour

Above our final destination of the day the Balsamico Estate… another world

Welcome to our superb ‘3 Kings’ Food Tour

Food n Walk Tours

Italy unearthed… treasures for a lifetime

Parma’s most reviewed Golosa tour hosts Caterina and Nick, will ease you around this beautiful gourmet food tour and it’s awe inspiring destinations.  


Food n Walk Tours Parma offer super quality guided visits to the production sites of some of Italy’s most famous DOP food products.  You will see Prosciutto di Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as well as enjoy breathtaking views in Traditional Balsamic Vinegar ranges of Reggio and Modena.

With FWT you get under the skin of the products: insider knowledge. Cate and I know and love these products – we have the trust of the producers.   Nick Garrett  FWT

Looking for a tour in Parma? CHOOSE THE BEST…

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