Channel 4 World's Maddest Job Interview – HR suck!!!

Next week Channel 4 will screen World’s Maddest Job Interview, which sees three employers interviewing eight candidates without knowing which of them have serious mental health conditions. At the end of the process, it’s already been revealed, many of the interviewees with these issues were judged as highly employable, even remaining undetected by the show’s in–house psychiatrists.

Nevertheless, referring to one such candidate who particularly impressed in the blind interview, one employer admitted that if he had known about her condition in advance he would have had “serious concerns” about giving her a job.

Given that 92% of British people already feel their job prospects would be damaged if they were to disclose a mental health condition, one can only hope that the show succeeds in its aim to challenge widespread prejudice.

However, it does also raise an interesting conundrum for job seekers: how much should you reveal about yourself within the recruitment process and, in particular, on your CV?

This question obviously goes much further than mental health, covering anything from age and family situation to salary details and career breaks. While you don’t want to seem as though you’re hiding anything, you also want to protect yourself from any discrimination, conscious or otherwise.

Certainly, details such as date of birth and marital status have no place on your CV — employers are not allowed to ask and you have no obligation to tell. Similarly, there is nothing to be gained from revealing your salary unless you are directly questioned, as you risk limiting yourself by either under– or over–pricing. As for career breaks, the approach will vary depending on factors such as the length of time and type of activities involved.

When deciding what to include on your CV, the key always lies in weighing up the balance between open disclosure and wise discretion.

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Best wishes,

Jessica Robertson, Team
Jessica Robertson, Team

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