Bio: Stanley Jay Friedman Furniture designer

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Carlito Sofa + Loveseat

Fabric over foam.
Two pillows.
Stainless steel base.
Design by Stanley Jay Friedman.

1 piece per box.

Items sold separately.

W: 93.5, 76″
D: 38, 38″
H: 29.5, 29.5″
SH: 17″

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Stanley Jay Friedman is an American furniture designer and a lecturer of
Evolution of Modernism in America. A graduate of the Parsons School of
Design in New York, Friedman spent time at several design firms before
forming his own New York City atelier in the late 1970s. During the early
1980s, Friedman’s career took a pivotal turn when he began designing
products for Brueton, a high-end furniture manufacturer. This launched
a successful furniture design career that has lasted for more than 25 years.
Drawing inspirations from everything around him, Friedman is recognized
by fellow designers and architects for his clean, barrier-breaking modern
designs. With an eye on new materials and cutting-edge technologies,
Friedman’s passion for pushing boundaries and experimenting has led to
his reputation for being a savvy, forward-thinking designer. His successful
designs include work for notable furniture manufacturers, such as Brueton
and Lazar, along with many prominent awards and commendations, including
the DuPont Antron Grand Prize Award, Roscoe Awards, and others.
Motivated and inspired by today’s larger and younger audiences, Stanley Jay
Friedman began cooperating with Moroni Leather in 2010. The result was a
stunning designer leather sofa collection to “…satisfy the very savvy American
consumers, with something that is unique and beautiful.”
Moroni is proud to present the collection of STANLEY JAY FRIEDMAN FOR MORONI
Bio of a great designer Stanley Jay Friedman

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