Taptile suber cool solutionism design

Taptile – Ditch the switch One-Touch mood lighting and
dimming solutions for the bathroom and kitchen


Taptile is a simple, clean and safe lighting solution, uniquely providing touch sensitive lighting control systems for your entire home including wet areas such as your bathroom, kitchen or even outdoors.

These favorite spaces have evolved rapidly in recent years and have been subject to technological advancements in keeping with the rest of our homes. Subsequently the need to simply and stylishly control lighting and other electrical appliances in these wet environments has become an ever increasing problem.

Waterproofing traditional switch technology is expensive and often results in controls which are far from aspirational, discordant with the environment they are designed to work in. Water and or steam tend to find its way into moving parts and often cause damage resulting in dangerous, unreliable and unsightly products.

Only now with the invention of Taptile technology can we affordably control our lighting, to create mood scenes whether outdoors in the cold rain or in the warm glow of a hot shower, by way of a simple touch of a virtual switch with out fear of electrocution.


Taptile is simple and safe to use both in wet and dry environments.

Using Wi-Fi technology Taptile is easy to install, either to existing or new lighting schemes.

Multiple sensors can be subtly placed around the room offering absolute flexibility of lighting control as never seen before.

Taptile can control multiple mood scenes as well as electrical appliances such as extractor fans or AV equipment.

The face of Taptile is fully customisable to ensure it fits in with the aspirations you have for your home.



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