NGSigns: “Unique Selling Point In Retailing” UCP and USP trix

Nick Garrett Margate & London Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding


In any economic times, organizations should ramp creativity to the fore and concentrate on execution of marketing strategies. In competitive times, new design rationale can make the difference.  You want to persuade customers to visit your store get artists, musicians, street artists and creative minds on the case. In today’s difficult times, grabbing a sustainable creative drive is a factor that will either float or sink your boat.

Christmas Activities

A few ideas: Christmas Activities

While most companies focus on enticing the customer to make a purchase, market leaders engages the customer long after the purchase is made. Your marketing message need to be better at engaging the customer, and the front line employees absolutely must be on top of their game, using all of their creativity and pulling out all the stops.

Create your own celebration days – UCP!

Don’t wait for Christmas …grab some history and…

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