2012 awards coming up

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Click here to find out how your organisation can be entered into the Best Business Awards.
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Awards are one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools and winning a prestigious Best Business Award will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business.The Best Business Awards are one of the UKs highest profile awards and winning this accolade will say a lot about the quality of your organisation and the strength of your management team. Due to its high profile, the Awards attract a wide range of entries from across all sectors from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs. But the winners all have one thing in common – they are truly excellent at what they do and have proved this by winning a Best Business Award.

We want to help you raise the profile of your organisation and enhance its reputation by promoting the great work you are doing while at the same time providing you with a platform to celebrate your success.

“Winning a Best Business Award has provided us with a platform to raise our profile via the media. Since winning we have secured press coverage in key national and regional publications regarding the great work we are doing and we have attracted students to the college that may not have otherwise heard about us. I would recommend the Best Business Awards to any dynamic organisation that wants to prove to stakeholders that it is delivering.”
Dave Cooper, director of marketing, Solihull College

“If you’re a young business without much marketing spend, then entering awards can be a cost-effective way of generating positive marketing and PR, because you’re thrown into the spotlight. It also offers a seal of approval. Potential customers can look at that and think ‘I’m happy to do business with this company because they have that recognition.”
Adam Goodyer, co-founder of Concert Live

“Experience has shown that an award gives massive credence to our business, particularly when talking to new customers and vendors that have not dealt directly with us in the past. With existing partners, it reinforces the fact they have made the right choice to work with us. If I equated the benefits of winning an award to other forms of channel marketing, we would probably have to spend tens of thousands of pounds to get similar levels of impact.”
David Ellis, director, Computerlinks

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