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EMERGING… Remi/Rough

Remi/RoughLaunch image slideshow

A shock of kaleidoscopic shapes and colour has covered the façade of one formerly bleak corner of Kings Cross. The slick, vibrant design that wraps around two sides of the Megaro Hotel and Karpo restaurant, comprises London’s biggest-ever public mural – which launched earlier this month.Wonderland spoke to Remi Rough, one of the artists involved, about inspiration, collaboration, and the social importance of British street art.



How did the Karpo project come about and who made up the collaborative team?

The project came to our attention when an art direction company called ‘The Narrative’ contacted us about painting a hotel in central London. We then started on a nine-month journey of ideas and dialogues, and began putting together the best possible team from our wonderful Agents Of Change resource. The four we chose were perfect for the end result…

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