All hands to tha Mac: Garance sketches nicely

Totally Sketchy: Garance Dore Inks Demi For Elle UK

by Megan Baldwin | 11:02 am, April 15th, 2010

Nothing washes down that second cup of coffee like a good old fashioned mid-morning snack — or better yet, a snap! For that we think bloggess Garance Dore’s latest inky effort will do nicely to ease the rumblings. Because what’s yummier than a hand drawn Demi, right?

Anyways, via her blog, Dore says she was beyond blown away when the Elle UK team tapped her to lens a full spread for them — you know the one we’ve been totally obsessing over. And then to have it followed it up by a commissioned commemorative cover. Well, she says the moment went something like this: “Stop the carrrrrrrrr!!! Emergency!!! I’ll get out here, I need a drink. Oh man oh man oh man!”

Funny we had a similar reaction when we saw the pretty product. Needless to say, this was quite the coup — and rightfully so. It’s not everyday a gal goes from freelance horoscope drawer to sketching Demi Moore — especially in the tough nut to crack world of publishing.

Ruminating she concludes, ”The most important thing is to always be moving toward your desire. Just do the things that make you smile and you’ll always end up somewhere. Even if that place is not anywhere you’d imagined you’d be at the start.”

Gotta love some hand-drawn loveliness, with a side of life advice all before noon.

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