Nick Garrett Margate & London Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding 

proper hand painted signwriting 


We hand paint logos, murals, graphics to retail, restaurants and domestic sites

About:  London professional sign-writer Nick Garrett NGS, since 1981 – but very much 2013!

My first hand painted sign commission was when I was 16, 1975, a lovely restoration of an antique market sign and as soon as I started sketching up the Roman capitals I knew I had found something special – my grandfather Francis Baker a renowned letter carver showed me my errors and I learnt as I went along.

Signs are beautiful things – they tell clients about you and all about your business

That passion has continued…

How we create a great sign for you

Creating your new sign ID starts with you.  Your idea and business portrayal – your special name plate or tag.

From that point I join the process and develop your…

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