There's a Mouse in the house

Chisel & Mouse

DECEMBER 8, 2011
Special thanks to Andrew Dunning

Finding something original in the design world with a real sense of style is rare as … it’s rare right!?

Well I just got lucky and stumbled into Chisel and Mouse.  Life just hasn’t been the same since!

Chisel & Mouse was recently started by brothers Gavin and Robert Paisley. Their models are created using a mixture of new technology and traditional skills. They use CAD and 3D printing to create the original prototype. The models are then hand crafted in plaster with the final touches etched into the models. Pretty nifty right… there’s a feeling in them that there’s so much more, that these belong now from another time.  I think we have entered a whole new retro elegance design era.

The Battersea Power Station model is going to be a major icon for C&M. As a painter this monolith has featured in dozens of my works over the years and to see a slice of it in such eloquent fashion is inspirational.  The font graphics on the plinth is a superb touch in choice and style.

If you are a Spooks fan you will recognise the exterior of Freemasons’ Hall shown below. This building, in Great Queen Street, doubles as Thames House in the popular BBC TV programme.

If you have an Arsenal fan in your family the model of their old stadium in Highbury would definitely appeal – is Wembley next on line perhaps? The fabulous Art Deco building is brought to life with subtle red details. As a Gooner still mourning the move to the Emirates stadium this would be an ideal present for me this xmas!

Other models in the first release include the Hoover Building, Westminster Abbey and Broadcasting House. The models are around 25cm high and cost between £59 and £89.

So architects out there if you are feeling extravagant they can also produce a custom plaster model of any building you ask for around £750.

The brothers Gavin and Robert say this about their products “Beautiful models of beautiful buildings: these works of art light up any room. Place these ornaments on mantelpieces, desks, sideboards or bookshelves and share the architects’ vision every day”.  I instantly fell in adoration of them –  Arsenal Highbury Stadium is already on my Christmas list!

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