SWOT it! Branching out… or dead wood?

Ok lest do a SWOT on this NPD by Mirko.

It’s a nice concept with immediate appeal… however it does not need to labor so hard on the literal depiction of a branch in such a narrative way. Point 1 Cost… how much? Point 2 Components – could this be made in sections that can combine creatively and help the first purchase … Just looking at the ‘sku’ it must cost a whack to produce.

The first consideration for Loft style storage is how will it shape up against competitor – Ikea for example… I know you’ll say that’s not where this is at, but heres the twist… the consumer is looking for an attractive bookshelf – how can you hold them to yr product beyond the look… first glance and cash register… see my article desight.wordpress.com/designing-to-brand/ [wordpress.com] I will feature this in the blog cheers, nice piece.

What say thee??


Branch Bookshelf
Credits: Fubiz

January 19th, 2011 by  in Get inspired

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