Mad brilliant Wall Paper!!!!

WTFIT Wallpaper!

This Is The World’s Most Insane Wallpaper

This wallpaper demands a second look. No, make that three looks.

No, you’re not seeing double. Nor are you seeing triple. What you’re looking at is RGB, a multi-layered wallpaper by the Milan designersCarnovsky. Three overlapping and primary-colored patterns are placed on the wallpaper panels and, in normal light, create some major visual discord. But here’s where the magic happens: Shine a red, green, or blue light on the walls, and different patterns are isolated and made visible. Each colored light reveals its own set of images.

The wallpapers are available in a series of strange, often macabre, subject matters. One series highlights the human body–skeletal, vascular, and muscular structures emerge in changing light. Another series depicts different Victorian-style flora and fauna. The newest eye-bomb, The Black Series, is composed of layers of jungle motif including vegetation, animal and… a horse?

The designers, Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, say this project is an exploration of a “surface’s deepness.” Uh, okay. We just think it’s an insane visual explosion. Do you want to hang this stuff in your bedroom? Probably not. In fact, there are few places in your home where this might be appropriate–though that room with velvet posters and a black light could use a serious update. But as an installation piece (or iPhone cover!) or even at a bar or nightclub, there’s no doubt these wall coverings would command your attention again and again and again.

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