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Coco Exclusive – Tapping Into Italy

wet room designGyoya – The Italian Touch

Amongst the coffee, hustle and bustle of a mid morning networking event at Trinity, a cool converted chapel near Bicester Village, was a man with a case selling taps. It was certainly a new departure for the IFA, accountants and IT professionals in the room.

Now, Coco has met many reps over the years, but it’s not often you see an ‘old style salesman’, and certainly not at networking… so I was immediately intrigued.

Based in Berkshire, Paolo Francone owns Gyoya who supply luxury taps made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, from high quality materials . There is something about a product that has the touch of man rather than just machine, it evokes a sense of history and appreciation of an artisan toiling to achieve perfection. It adds an intrinsic ‘emotional’ value to the item.

wet room design

Expecting nothing less from an Italian, Paolo’s passion for his products is infectious. Never have I met someone who loves bathrooms, bathing and water as much as I do.

The comfort and sense of well-being warm water pouring over you brings, is rarely mentioned outside of the spa. We chatted enthusiastically about our own product ideas to make water even more fun. To be enjoyed at home.

wet room designwet room design

For Paolo everything is in the detail, as he explains that “Gyoya, the Italian “gioia” means joy…that’s the expression of little things that can create beautiful atmospheres in our environments”, and hey, only an Italian would photograph a tap with a Vespa!

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