Young designers breaking in… a few words

Are you confused about direction and where you are heading as a young designer?… I offer myself up as a reference point and sound board. 

Working with the Australian Olympic team gave me a taste of how subtle the top line is.  The finest of tuning creates the medal or nothing. Tiny changes can have massive effects.

… 5 years ago I would have said …if you do tomorrow what you did yesterday, you’ll get the same result. Today the result will be a sharp reversal.

Improve and change if you want to make it better…and today especially, small incremental changes can have a disproportionately positive impact.  Working with quality makes each lesson rapid, frequent and indelible.

Breaking in moving up

The most powerful word in our vocabulary is yes.

The most powerful skill is prioritiz/sing…

The best way is the pencil

If I remove the words no or maybe from my vocabulary, my world will improve dramatically and in 1 month I will be doing what perhaps a deeper instinct had in mind all along.  The chance is there to take and if you are a young designer looking to specialise then you have a great opportunity at the moment. Become aware of your drivers.

  • Train in associative areas
  • Consider what make you feel sharper – more alive to creativity
  • Look at what ticks you off and role play ways of transcending, avoiding, resolving

Do not just look at agency tips of the day with the intention of leaning on them for results… make your world from your instinct.

Describe clearly and from the head and heart in your own words of originality.

Agency advice is sound but often static.  You need to innovate how to click on your audience.

Core strategies

Understand those you admire and look at their ideas and evolution – you’ll be amazed.

If you get knocked back for a role you think you qualify for then phone up the recruiter and clarify where yr CV has missed the mark – then change yr CV.  Getting knocked back is really not what it seems – the recruiter needs things spelled out more. Phone them and win them over.

The fact that a young designer lacks experience can be a very clean white sheet… a good thing – being fresh means you can learn quickly. What is more important is that you fit the enthusiasm and fresh ideas part of each role – you are smart enough to pick up the rest.

Best of luck.

Nick Garrett

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