NEW – sentito chair

In every great piece of modern furniture there’s a Chippendale dying the get out!

Just tweaked up a design I saw in a monica khemsurov article – new base and reshape.

The classic Chippendal camel back sofa also has splay arms, but set inclining ergonomically higher.  Its seat is flatter with less rake.

Sentino relies on another dynamic: the seat rake to draw in the sitter to comfort position. The arms are lower yet offer a definate base for contrast cushions or rolls.  The height of the arm and width should vary according to US, AU or EU destination body type. Version 1.2 shows a raised arm version.

2 Replies to “NEW – sentito chair”

  1. doesn’t look very comfortable but looks wide enough for us obese people . However, would it support our weight? You need to link to the original article so we can compare designs.

    1. It would need a nice steel “U” strut/chasis front and back – tempted to do an exposed sketch tomorrow. I recon it would be pretty comfy because (depending on the base cushion of course) it has a nice rake and good loll overtures!! But what chair or suite is ever complete without some yummy cushions eh!? Will do a little updata on the arm contour aswell because it needs to crump in a touch toward the forearm support range.. thanks for yr nice obs Nick

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