Chanel is a bit Slack these days…

Fashion Daily :: Chanel wants to make pants-under-skirt trend nina | May 11, 2011, 10:07 a.m. Whether it’s under skirts, dresses or tunics – Karl Lagerfeld dresses his models in a temporary fashion displaced long ago quite often in the last time: Pants under skirts! At the fashion show for spring collection 2011 there already was a slim-fit trouser added to every outfit. When the new Cruise collection was presented this Monday the combination pants-skirt or pants-dress was seen again often, although masked pretty good. With knee-high sandals and knee-long skirts Lagerfeld tries to pull the trend through. Question now is if he will have success with this. More pictures of the current collection can be seen (here) Keywords: chanel, karl lagerfeld, hose unter rock, rock über hose, cruise collection, trend

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