Quotes on design – Steve Jobs, Eric Gill, Tom Dixon, Charles Eames, John Ruskin, Brian Reed, Milton Glaser

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

—Steve Jobs, 2003

“Letters are things, not pictures of things” – Eric Gill (1882-1940)


“Users make their credibility-based decisions based upon the site’s overall visual appeal.”
—Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 2002

Working with Giulio Cappellini (head of Cappellini, the Italian furniture maknufacturer) was a real eye opener. It was a window into a world where design was prized and respected in its capacity to grow industry.

Tom Dixon

Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?
 Steve Jobs quotes (American Entrepreneur Apple co-Founder, b.1955)

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well

– Brian Reed

Only 2 problems with Ikea design – The big things fall apart and the small things fall off.

Nick Garrett

“A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.”
—Ben Shneiderman, 2003

Manufacturing is a beautiful world to the retail designer, and retail a paradise for the manufacturing designer.  They are identical because design intelligence, passion and hard work, makes either work.

Nick Garrett

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Steve Jobs on recruitment – reality check, +kudos

“To design something really well you have to get it. You have to really grok what it’s all about. It takes a passionate commitment to thoroughly understand something – chew it up, not just quickly swallow it. Most people don’t take the time to do that. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask a creative person how they did something, they may feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after awhile. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or have thought more about their experiences than other people have. Unfortunately, that’s too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. They don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions, without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better designs we will have.”

– Steve Jobs

This convergent thinking is crucial to divergent invention and evolution.

The world thrives on this type of end result.  A great product, service new mythological commerce led environment.

Yet as these end points are judged winners and losers so too are those creatives who make them – judged without groking what they are all about.

A great HR/recruiter will have instinct… they will get all about you… 

This quote above swings me around to the key challenge facing diversely experienced creatives.  Those key individuals are often the first to go – why?  Because others find them challenging…