Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air

Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air


Despite its incredibly low density, aerogel is one of the most powerful materials on the planet. It can support thousands of times its own weight, block out intense heat, cold and sound – yet it is 1,000 times less dense than glass, nearly as transparent and is composed of %99.8 air. The lowest-density silica-based aerogels are even lighter than air.



Comment… Grass roots

Word out of China is the mixed bag of export growth and reversals continues unabated.

Against this reality many producers have gone through the crop of red sea blue lagoon rhetoric and realised that a more fundamental approach is needed.

As grass roots opportunities become obscured by over zealous risk analysis and caution what hope is there for start up designers and agencies today and in the near corner.

Can design innovation inspire growth at home and beyond?

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