NINA CAMPBELL: new concepts onto verre eglomise

Just thinking how delicate this Nina Campbell design is and created a montagé as a verre eglomise panel… I think it is sensational!

… and this russet Graham & Brown

Will try a few toning variations and start a white gold panel next week.

Italian themes – click to enlarge




Antique Verre Eglomise, Distressed Italian sample on the bench – Nick Garrett

Palazzo Parma – restoration and inspiration

The Palazzo reception room freshly lined walls and cleaned ceilings with fine retouching.

The perfect place to find inspiration and new product concept.

The inspirational setting furnished plenty of ideas for my new Verre Eglomise commissions.

Above Day 4:  White Gold Verre Eglomisé glass panel backed up and looking authentically aged.

Case:  4 Day sample making – Verre Eglomisé panel

Inspiration arrives for the new samples

Let’s face it it’s all about inspiration… and if you haven’t got it coursing then the chances are the work will reflect it.

The sample I am preparing is tricky.  It has been replicated from an original panel located in an 18th century Palazzo in central Parma and is one of 5 ceilings I re-touched, that house pretty much enough timeless classic Italian motif to last 5 centuries… or certainly fill my new portfolio.

The problem has been getting hold of the right gelatin and enamels – without them, it can’t be done.

Restored chest 18 century – cleaned, touched-in, beeswax polished

New Samples:  Verre Eglomisé – Aim and objective

I want to create a sample that becomes the original… it must be subtle and have finesse, but importantly I also want it to have some rhythm – afterall Parma is home to the Meastro Giuseppe Verdi.

It must be clear enough for the awaiting crew to accept but also bring to them the importance of the delicate nature of this type of brushwork.

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