Mural Mural on the Wall… The Traditional London sign writer in a fair modern setting

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Feb 2012 London sign-writer Nick Garrett  07951509238

I am a dedicated master signwriter with over 30 years experience in London and UK… a case history I hope you’ll find interesting.

Notting hill and working in -5 degrees, sleet and snow didn’t deter us from producing this great looking hand painted facade for Strutt & Parker estate agents.  The theme was the Kensington Gardens flora and fauna… Elms portrayed in a distinctively modern way.


The Elms of Kensington Gdns inspired the artwork for this mural… Day 2 and biting cold..

Nick Garrett:  Leading London Sign writer branching out in Notting Hill…

Big thanks to The Churchill Arms, John Pope, and Julian Brown for assisting this stunning mural project.

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The missing Finsbury Park Tavern sign panel!!

The Finsbury Park Tavern Story

Where are you now my fair sign???

Below I found this photo and info (in blue) today by Ewan-M – it shows the space where once my fab sign once stood!

Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park, N4 
Made by Ewan-M
Local pub, near the station. Former Name(s): The Finsbury Park TavernOwner: Taylor Walker (former).Links: Fancyapint Beer in the Evening

Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park, N4 
Made by Ewan-M
The empty sign outside this pub on a busy junction by Finsbury Park station. The cannon suggests it was a former Taylor Walker pub, if I’m not mistaken. ()

Ha!! Empty because it was one of my first great pictorial signs I made for Mike Jacks, the chief designer at Taylor Walker HO Muswell Hill in 1981. It won Best Pub Sign of the year at the Design Centre, Haymarket London, and I guess the panels are now adorning Mikes dining room!!

It was an image of a park keeper sweeping leaves in Autumn, at the park gates on one side and similar elbow on broom pose in Spring on the other.

Breaking!!! June 2012

Was working on Sylvanian families sign t’other day and met Michelle McEvoy from Gallery 90 and she said she thought Linda the Landdlady would know where the sign is… on m’way!!

05 06 2012

Just spoke to Linda Hallinan the publican of the FPT and she told me the sign was blown down in a storm years ago… gutted!! If that be the truth…. methinks oi needs a poynt at the bar to take it ahl in… 😦