Christmas Painted Wonderland Winter Displays – Nick Garrett Signs

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NGS are offering a bespoke window decoration display service aimed at launching your Christmas spirit and fabulous Yule Tide season. Below are 2 great articles and some inspiration… am sure you have plenty of ideas.

Christmas Painted Wonder Window Displays



Above some beautiful Xmas inspiration – NGS also now offer this decoration service


This is a really wonderful example of the richness created by the hand of the artist… NGS

The Coffee Pot Continues Painted Windows Tradition with “A Christmas Carol” Theme

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The folks at The Coffee Pot in downtown Greenville have once again teamed up with local artist Michael Glass to cap off their Christmas preparations with a series of window paintings. For their second year, Rob and Amber Garrett, owners of The Coffee Pot, decided to feature Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with a portrait by Glass…

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