Intellectual Property at Interview stage

Intellectual Property at Interview stage

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Below are 2 design concepts I made in 2008 in good faith, for a brief set  for major design management role… a brief set by the blue chip allowed them to explore new concept FOC with a top flight, proven product designer.. myself.

Above:  2008 Model  Below: NGPD proposed models 2008

… top:  my bold colours choice which included muted variations and plains

above… what came about thereafter: their colour combo change aligning away from their neutral darks and firmly toward my ideations

above: … my bold check 2008 – we discussed disjointing check pattern as an option or adding pattern match ‘interval’ piping

and … their bold check 2010

At the time of these concepts landing on the table of the retailer they faced design stagnation, with boring satin steel frames and black or navy upholstery. Fit for a funeral, emasculated and dull.

There were a host of other details lifted from my brief such as mini polka dot fabrics and frame schemes.  These two concepts above and their background trend maps re-shaped the brand direction for this UK major.

"Red Bull" drink billionaire Chaleo dies in Thailand

Red Bull” drink billionaire Chaleo dies in Thailand

ReutersReuters – 18 hours ago

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Chaleo Yoovidhya, who rose from poverty to become one of the world’s richest men thanks to astute marketing of the “Red Bull” energy drink, has died in his native Thailand.

Local media said he had died of natural causes in hospital in Bangkok on Saturday. His age was variously put at 89 or 90, although some sources gave his date of birth as August 17, 1923, making him 88.

Chaleo was ranked 205th on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, with a fortune it put at $5 billion.

Born into a Chinese immigrant family, he never flaunted the wealth he accumulated and avoided publicity. According to Thailand’s Nation newspaper, he had not given a media interview or made any public appearances for 30 years.

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