MadC rocks it in her latest show.

SEP 2014


Last Thursday, 4th of September, my solo show “Reflections” opened at Kolly Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a wonderful evening in a beautiful gallery. Thanks to the many people who showed up! If you are in the area – the show is on until 4th of October. There’s also a new silkscreen print out that is available on the gallery’s website since today. If you want to get one go to the shop page here. The exhibition catalogue is also available on the shop page.

Thanks a lot to Julien and his team, my family and friends and Marco Prosch – the best photographer there is – for helping me on the way to this beautiful exhibition. During this week I will upload a little film about the Kaleidoscope cans that are on display in the gallery. So stay tuned…

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FROGZ Brush n Brand – 20 Hanbury St., Brick Lane. London Signwriter, Nick Garrett

FROGZ Brick lane London Signwriter Nick Garrett

… I just wanted to say THANKYOU sooooooo much everything is amazing and beautiful i love it!!! 

Emma Jensen, FROGZ Interior Design

The whole brand developed over 4 days in paint on ladder!

Frozen Natural yoghurt arrived on day 3 and needed serious sampling so we all leant a hand … had to help out where we could.

My favourite was the vanilla…

Frogz manager Edward Taylor was a constant reference point and interior designer Emma Jensen fuelled and steered the brand look as it emerged.  Special thanks to CEO Nick…

Got a great feeling about this look and product ID…


Frogz open on 21 July!! Be There the tastes are awesome a the shop is suberrr cool!

Below: Distressed paintwork Nick Garrett – again the same technique used on my Designers Guild furniture…