Nick Garrett

Blood Love Courage.

It Could be Language No 002 Nick Garrett

We all create with either intention or determination. Artists leave some examples that can hang on walls and fill heads or spaces.

Paint is one primal urge to survive.

To see and share.

Until I met Noongars nothing really made sense.  Then I found myself.

Compassion, family tradition, deeper understanding of nature and our place in it.  For starters… remind us of peace.

Xmas in Okinawa 1945
Red Dog


Studied Fine art Camberwell School of Art.  Then after 20 years, got over it.

Awarded First prize

Exhibitions, work and studies

Teaching art Streatham youth centre 1981

Royal Academy Summer exhibition 1980

Royal Portrait Society 1980

Teaching drawing Camberwell school of art 1980

Teaching art Loughborough youth centre 1981

Burhardt and Swallow artist in residence 1990

Fremantle arts centre: Solo show: Young Italians 1994

Fremantle arts centre: Teaching life drawing

Fremantle arts centre: Teaching still life painting

Public arts project supporter –

Phd Aboriginal Art and Reconciliation.

Art as conflict resolution locus

Peel art competition Western Australia: Silver

MA Drawing Camberwell College of Art 2005

Ingo Finke 2005

– Affordable art fair 2006

Anna Lovely Gallery mixed show. 2014-15

Belgrave St. Ives: Camberwell Students and Teachers2017

Fine artist, furniture designer and lettering artist 1981-present

Works in progress