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Eco Creative

“Eco creative” is an exchange organised in the frame of « the European Youth in Action Program » it will raise awareness of young people (18 – 25 years old) from 8 different countries on the importance of eco citizenship in their everyday-life and through good environmental practices.

Moreover this exchange will give participants an opportunity to present the methodology and environmental techniques used in international solidarity projects taking place in emerging countries.


[ Download invitation for this project ]
You can many important information in this document, please read carefully.

Objectives of this exchange

  • To give a real non formal education to youth in different fields
  • How to make a follow up ( creation of NGOs, research for financial partners)
  • How to lead educational workshops on the eco citizenship topics.
  • To give a european eco citizen dimension to youth by promoting international mobility, citizenship, active participation and volontary work.
  • To give participants the opportunity to discover the different programes that can be financial partners for their local and international projects.
  • To promote youth participation and peer learning, with the concept of an « Eco creative open space » workshop in which partcipants have the opportunity to lead workshops.
  • To build a network of NGOs that are active in the field of environment linked thanks to the Eco creative web site.


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