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Rational / Emotional

This issue, titled RATIONAL EMOTIONAL, looks at how artists tap into the rich vein of human nature, manifesting the influences of 21st Century and technology-influenced lifestyles and states of mental health at various time of life from childhood to maturity, parenthood to old age. Several features are written by practising psychiatrists and psychologists, including on the work of William Kentridge, Patricia Piccinni, Richard Billingham, Boris Elgadsen, Astra Howard, Sanja Pahoki, Ann Newmarch, Les Griggs & Megan Evans and more.

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Drifting in My Own Land: Nalda Searles

Drifting in My Own Land: Nalda Searles
John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology, Perth
Touring Australia 2009 – 2013
19 June – 30 August 2009

This landmark exhibition of my good friend Nalda – part retrospective, part new works – confirms her as an artist at the height of her powers. Over the past thirty years she has become respected and beloved Australia-wide as an exemplary maker, teacher and mentor, bridging indigenous and non-indigenous art worlds. Seeing works spanning her long career shown together in the same exhibition provides an insight into the development of her ideas and methods, and many hallmarks of her continuing practice are evident very early.

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The theory of patterns


From the structure of a black hole to the weave of a tea towel, patterns are integral to the fabric of the universe.

Noticing that the relationship between architecture and patterns had not been addressed in almost 30 years, architect Paul Andersen and assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at Syracuse University David Salomon set out to create a thorough and academic study of how pattern is has been used in the discipline, both now and in the past.

John Lewis Department Store in Leicester, by Foreign Office Architects

John Lewis Department Store in Leicester, by Foreign Office Architects

The new book, The Architecture of Patterns, draws on the work of international architects to dissect the various formal and functional capacities of forms such as the elastic diagrid and promiscuous diagrid.

Nike Oregon Waffle and Air Max 360 II shoes.

Nike Oregon Waffle and Air Max 360 II shoes. The photo shows how Bill Bowerman’s historic waffle sole has been developed to better athletic performance.

As well as tracking the definitions of a number of patters in a variety of fields, the books also suggests how patterns can evolve for in the design of the future.

The book is a challenging read – one that I wouldn’t care to approach without a good dictionary – but succeeds in documenting and theorising the way in which patterns and definitions of patterns are changing.

Tivoli Retail Store by BIG

Tivoli Retail Store by BIG

The Architecture of Patterns by Paul Andersen adn David Salomon is available from Norton, priced at £18.99.

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